Women’s History Month Quiz

Women’s History Month – Match Woman’s Name to Fact

Sponsored by Flathead Reservation Human Rights Coalition, Inc.

Box 111, Ronan, MT 59864 


_____Leader of world’s largest democracy for 22 years

_____Author during Civil War who wrote about slavery

_____City in Nevada named after her because of accomplishments

_____Aviator whose feats were ahead of most people in her time (1897-1937)

_____Famous primatologist who worked with mountain gorillas

_____First woman to receive a second Nobel Prize (1911)

_____The only woman honored on US currency

_____A famous advocate for the blind (1897-1968)

_____Referred to as the Moses of her people

_____Author who wrote the bible on the women’s rights movement

_____Queen of the Blues for her records, radio and vaudeville work

_____Founded the nursing profession


A) Susan B. Anthony  B) Harriet Beecher-Stowe  C) Marie Curie  D) Amelia Earhart

E) Dian Fossey  F) Indira Gandhi  G) Helen Keller  H) Florence Nightingale

I)Bessie Smith J) Harriet Tubman K) Sarah Winnemucca L) Mary Wollstonecraft







Answers:  F,B,K,D,E,C,A,G,J,L,I,H


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